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Upon completion of the Commercial Pilot Course with IR the candidate will have acquired the necessary skills to operate single and multi-engine aircraft to the standards required and be in a position to be tested for a MEP CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) with Instrument Rating on ME(ME/IR). Entry Requirements . Minimum age of 18 years ol However, if you have completed an ATP (H)/IR, ATP (H), CPL (H)/IR or CPL (H) integrated training course, you will not need to meet this requirement. Ratings If you want to complete the helicopter instruction phase of the IR (H) course, you must hold the helicopter type rating used for the IR (H) skill test, or have completed approved type rating training on that type The Integrated CPL(H) (with ATPL(H)/IR theory) is a 12 month, full-time programme delivered on-site* Monday to Friday, for students wishing to obtain their commercial pilot licence (helicopter) on an intensive basis. ATPL(H)/IR theoretical knowledge gives students the best options for future progression if intending to obtain a modular. V případě že je žadatel držitelem kvalifikace IR(H), může být výcvik zkrácen o 10 hodin.) Podmínky pro získání Platná licence PPL(H) Nálet na vrtulnících před započetím kurzu CPL(H)minimálně 155 letových hodin; Požadavky na udržen Why a single engine IR? You have enough hours for a CPL (A) you just need to do the 25 hour course (15 if you hold an IR). To go from one IR to another is a 10 hour course, so in your case, an IR (H) holder could do a 10h IR course then a 15h CPL short course

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air transportation and to obtain the CPL(H)/IR, but not any further specialisation (e.g. aerial work activities). 2 An applicant wishing to undertake an ATP(H)/IR integrated course shall, under the supervision of the Head of Training of an approved flying training organisation (FTO), complete all the instructiona You will do 155 hours of 9 PPL(H) and 350 hours of 13 CPL(H) theory subjects under EASA standards within approximately 6 months. The practical part of the training on a single-engine helicopter consists of 190 hours in total: 185 hours of VFR (Visual Flight Rules) and 5 hours of VFRN (Night Visual Flight Rules) flights CPL/IR(H) = EASA Commercial Pilot Licence & Instrument Rating (Helicopters) Summary. Licence to the level of experience required to operate VFR as single pilot on single or multi-engine helicopters in commercial air transport. With an Instrument Rating you may also fly in cloud and controlled airspace

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ATPL (H)/IR theory course length. Your ATPL (H)/IR theory course with Bristol Groundschool, as part of your modular path to becoming a professional pilot, will take around ten to thirteen months to complete, during which time you can build up your flying experience, and includes a combination of distance learning and classroom work Learn about the rules for commercial pilots in effect since 1 September 2014. The full rules are contained in Part 61 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations. This information sheet includes details about CASA EX99/18 which came into effect on 1 September 2018. It provides an alternative to aircraft class rating and pilot type rating biennial flight reviews, with an aircraft category and.

The winner of the Bristow Scholarship will receive full funding of their 35-hour modular CPL(H) course from Helicentre, but will also benefit from access to Bristow's expertise, being individually mentored with opportunities to see the operation and develop the skills and attributes required of an offshore helicopter pilot Night rating not required prior to commencing IR(A) or CPL(A). 50 hour IR(A) course reduced to 10 hours including 5 in simulator. 25 hour CPL(A) course reduced to 20 hours or 15 hours if IR(A) already completed. 200 hours total time prior to commencing CPL(A) test reduced to 100 hours. 100 hours PIC in aeroplanes not required prior to CPL test.

THEORETICAL CPL(H)* - 480 hours | 13 modules (350 hours according to the regulations) PRACTICAL - 135 hours flight instruction (including 25 hours on FTD2) + test (*) We may also deliver this training with the theoretical ATPL / IR (H) The CPL/IR is a course designed to train the holder of a Private Pilot License (PPL) in order to obtain the CPL/IR with ATPL (H) theory credit. Theoretical Training: The ATP(H) Theoretical course comprises 13 subjects and includes presentations, training syllabus, progress tests and sample exams DCA 607 / ATPL/CPL/IR(H) (Sep 2019) -2 Part D Declaration of Experience and Qualification by the Applicant Applicant's Name : Applicant's Signature : I, the applicant, declare that I possessed the following qualification and hours of experience as recorded in my persona

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  1. The aim of the CPL (H) modular course is to train PPL (H) pilot licence holders to the level of proficiency necessary to obtain the EASA PART FCL CPL(H). Pre-entry requirements. An applicant for a CPL(H) shall be at least 18 years of age. An applicant for a CPL(H) shall hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate
  2. The Commercial Pilot Licence for Helicopters, or CPL(H), is the professional licence which enables you to fly for remuneration. After you have successfully completed the CPL(H) ground course, Northumbria Helicopters can help you with your CPL(H) flight training. There are a number of reasons for gaining a CPL(H), although the main reason is to.
  3. After the introduction of the new reduced CPL(H) theory course, the combination no longer equates to ATPL(H) theory. To gain the ATPL(H) with IR if you have a post-Amendment 3 JAA/EASA CPL(H), you must take 12 exams out of the 14 required - you will be exempt POF(H) and VFR Comms. If you just want the ATPL(H), you are exempt air law as well
  4. 10 h of instrument flight training (which will be part of your CPL course, unless you already have the IR rating). 20 h cross-country flight experience as PIC, including a flight of at least 300 NM in total involving a landing at two different aerodromes other than the departure aerodrome. at most 30 h may be as a PIC on TMG or glider

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  1. er/ME/IR fixed wing. ATPL Fixed wing pilot More than 36,000 hours of flight. John Oakley. MCC training program supervisor. Retired Air Canada Captain
  2. ATPL(A) CPL(A) ATPL(H)/IR ATPL(H) CPL(H) IR(A) & (H) Time allowed (hours) 1:00 0:45 1:00 0:45 0:45 0:45 Distribution of questions with regard to the topics of the syllabus 010 01 3 2 3 3 2 XX 010 02 2 2 2 2 2 XX 010 03 1 1 1 1 1 XX 010 04 2 2 2 2 2 1 010 05 8 8 8 8 8 8 010 06 7 4 7 3 4 7 010 07 5 3 5 3 3 5.
  3. Průkazy na vrtulník: PPL(H) IR(H) CPL(H) ATPL(H) Články. Jak probíhá vyšetření pro získání Medical Class 1 ve Vídni. S progresem v pilotním výcviku přišla řada se vstupním vyšetřením pro získání Medical Class 1 i na moji přítelkyni. Sám jsem kdysi absolvoval prohlídku v Praze na ÚLZ, a protože mě zajímalo, jak.
  4. Le théorique IR (Instrument Rating). Il est composé de 7 UV et est le plus souvent associé à un CPL. Cela vous permet d'obtenir un CPL/IR pratique. Ici s'ouvre les horizons pour qui veut devenir pilote et voyager loin par tous temps. Seulement ATTENTION ! Cela ne vous ouvre pas les portes du transport public de passagers
  5. FORMATION IR/SE Prérequis : Pour les PPL(A) : Titulaire de l'IR théorique, visite médicale de classe 2, Habilitation de nuit, et 50 heures de voyage en CDB. Pour les CPL(A) : Titulaire de l'ATPL (A) ou IR(A) théorique, médicale classe 1, licence CPL(A). Durée : A temps plein il faut compter en moyenne 3 mois

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  1. cpl(h) the concept of training for a qualification cpl(h) (marketing study) diplomovÁ prÁce master's thesis autor prÁce bc. tomÁŠ kriŠtŮfek author 2.8 integrovaný kurz pro získání kvalifikace cpl(h)/ir.. 22 3 typovÉ kvůlifikůce pro vrtulnÍky.
  2. It is set at 200 hours, or it can be part of a theoretical ATPL (H) course of 650 hours. For IR (H) qualification holders, the ATPL (H) theoretical training is shortened to 450 hours. Practical part. 35 hours including 5 hours of night training are prescribed to obtain a CPL (H) pilot license
  3. The CPL theory is done exclusively in English. There are different courses and levels than can a candidate can choose from: CPL(H) - This is the standard theory for a CPL(H) license and the least extensive. A bridge course to an ATPL level is however not possible. ATPL(H) - The ATPL is the highest pilot license and standard in airline business

ATPL Start Dates for 2017 / 2018 / 2019; Download file; pdf. CPL(H) Integrated with ATPL-IR Theory Timeline (Athens IR(A/H) EIR / CB-IR(A) PPL(A/H) BIA ; Textbooks for cabin crew ; Digital textbooks . ATPL/CPL THEORETICAL TRAINING ; ATPL(A) English Version ; IR(A/H) training ; EIR/CB-IR(A) training ; PPL(A/H) training ; Drone pilot training ; CCA training ; BIA training ; Other textbooks ; Cours de révisions ; MCQ tests . ATPL(A) All Certificates ; 010 ; 3. Which pilot license do you need when you want to become an airline pilot? The kind of pilot license you need depends on your requirements. Do you prefer to t.. The Institut MERMOZ is the number 1 theoretical training school for helicopter pilots - Airline pilot, Professional pilot, Instrument Flight Rules, helicopter Private Pilot Licens An applicant must demonstrate a level of knowledge appropriate to the privileges of the holder of a CPL(A)/(H) in accordance with the requirements in Part - FCL . Examination - Practical. The practical skill exam in the airplane with the examiner can be taken after successful completion of the written tests

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The training will take four cadets all the way to a Commercial Pilot's Licence (Helicopter) with an Instrument Rating (CPL(H)/IR) before starting work with Bristows, flying offshore helicopters as first officer at one of the company's UK bases. The application window opened on Monday 12 August and closes on Saturday 31 August 2019 CPL (H) theory course length. Your CPL (H) theory course with Bristol Groundschool, as part of your modular path to becoming a professional pilot, will take around ten to thirteen months to complete, during which time you can build up your flying experience, and includes a combination of distance learning and classroom work ATPL(H) with or without IR privileges, CPL(H)/IR, CPL(H) > 700 hours in helicopters other than those certificated under CS-27/29 or equivalent, including 200 hours in the activity role for which acceptance is sought, and 50 hours in that role in the last 12 months

The training will take four cadets all the way to a Commercial Pilot's Licence (Helicopter) with an Instrument Rating (CPL(H)/IR) before starting work with Bristow, flying offshore helicopters as first officer at one of the company's UK bases. The application window opened on Monday 12 August and closes on Saturday 31 August 2019 Die CPL Lizenz heißt offiziell CPL (A) - das bedeutet Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane), zu deutsch Lizenz für Berufspiloten (Flugzeug). Für Helikopter-Piloten gibt es die Version (H). Wer die Lizenz besitzt, ist berechtigt zu einer Tätigkeit als verantwortlicher Pilot oder Copilot auf Flugzeugmustern, die in der Lizenz. Since 2002, CATS has helped many students to complete their helicopter commercial pilots license (CPL). Pilots that have completed their CPL(H) with CATS have gone on to work in a commercial helicopter charter, aerial photography, power-line inspection, police/air ambulances services and oil rig 'heli airlines'

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  1. Distance Learning Course CPL(H) Commercial Pilot License Helicopter Our Distance Learning Course CPL(H) encompasses the topics below. It is available in paper (high quality color print in binders) and/or as an electronic license via our CAT eBook Viewer (1) . • Air-Law • Aircraft General Knowledge / Airframes & Systems (H) • Aircraft General Knowledge / Electrics • Aircraft General.
  2. A helicopter pilot with over 2000hrs of flying, holding a CPL(H), IR(H), FI(H), TRI(H), IRI(H), night rating and type ratings on the AW109, AS355, Cabri G2, R22, R44, R66 and B206 with ATPL(H) exam passes averaging 93% PPL(H) training at Central Helicopters CPL(H) training at Heli Air Wycombe and then at Central Helicopters IR(H) training at.
  3. You are now viewing FAA course, to swich to EASA click here.. The FAA Commercial Pilot License is a qualification that permits the holder to act as the pilot of an aircraft for remuneration and act as co-pilot (First Officer) in commercial air transportation, as pilot-in-command, co-pilot of any airplane engaged in operations other than commercial air transportation or as pilot-in-command in.
  4. imum of 200 total flight hours (including PPL(A) time): 100 hours as pilot-in-comman

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ICAO and IR English, RT licence Private Pilot Licence + Night rating Instrument Rating IR(A), EIR(A) Commercial Pilot CPL(A), CPL(H) Multi Engine MEP(A) 0-ATPL(A) IR(A),CPL(A) and ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge course. Sightseeing Flights, Aircraft Rental. Tel.: +420 776 737 019; +420 777 421 787 Email: pilot@flymair.co Rijbewijs halen. Auto. Rijschool kiezen. Rijschoolzoeker; Vanaf welke leeftijd mag je starten met autorijles? Hoeveel rijles heb je gemiddeld nodig? Rijles in een aangepaste aut Profitez d'un tarif avantageux en achetant directement le PACK d'ouvrages numériques ATPL/CPL hélicoptères. Ce PACK contient l'ensemble des ouvrages nécessaires aux formations théoriques ATPL(H) IFR, ATPL(H) VFR et CPL(H) EASA. Attention, ces ouvrages ne seront plus valables pour toute formation commencée à partir du 01/11/2020 Nous dispensons des formations CPL-H sur hélicoptères Guimbal Cabri G2 ou Robinson R44. Les conditions d'admission Vous êtes pilote privé d'hélicoptère PPL-H , vous avez fait votre mûrissement : vous pouvez entrer en formation professionnelle

CPL(H) - Dies ist der standardmässige Theoriekurs und gleichzeitig am wenigsten umfangreich. Man erhält hiermit die CPL(H)-Lizenz. Ein Brückenkurs zu einer ATPL-Theorie ist jedoch nicht möglich. ATPL(H) - Die ATPL ist die höchste Pilotenlizenz und in der Verkehrsfliegerei der Standard Vstupním požadavkem pro výcvik CPL(A) je celkový nálet minimálně 150 hodin. Délka výcviku a počet výcvikových letů záleží na schopnostech pilota, avšak většinou se pohybuje v počtu 15 (pro držitele IR(A)) - 30 letových hodin. Další navazující kvalifikace: Teoretický kurz - Dopravní pilot letounů ATPL(A CPL(A) - Obchodní pilot letounů (pro držitele IR) - praktický výcvik v rozsahu 10 letových hodin Cessna 152 + instruktor - praktický výcvik v rozsahu 5 letových hodin Cessna 177RG + instruktor - cena: 71 500 bez DPH. IR(A) SEP - Přístrojová kvalifikace SEP - praktický výcvik v rozsahu 15 letových hodin Cessna 152. Létání podle přístrojů - IR(A) Obchodní pilot letounů s licencí CPL(A) Vrtulníky. Soukromý pilot vrtulníku s licencí PPL(H) Noční létání - NIGHT(H) Letový instruktor - FI(H) Typové výcviky pro vrtulníky - TR(H) Obchodní pilot vrtulníku s licencí CPL(H) Zážitkové lety. Lety stíhačkou; Vyhlídkový a.

I f your goal is to become a fully functional and appreciated pilot, with the ability to fly in virtually all weather conditions, the next step in your aviation career is to acquire an Instrument Rating IR(A). Our courses give you the possibility to obtain this priceless rating at a very competitive price. With the current JAR-FCL 1 regulations we are able to provide you with the highest. Autant vous dire que tout comme pour l'IR(SE) tout est fait pour que, si vous avez le niveau, vous ne fassiez que 15 heures. J'ai effectué 10h00 de beech 77 et 5h26 de PA28, les 26 minutes supplémentaires à ma demande. Au total donc 15h26. La seule ombre au tableau concernant le nombre d'heure concerne mon test CPL

Descripción del Curso de Helicóptero. El objetivo principal del Curso de helicóptero integrado CPL/IR (H), es formar al piloto al nivel de competencia necesario para permitirles operar con seguridad helicópteros multimotor de un solo piloto y obtener la licencia de Piloto Comercial con atribuciones de vuelo instrumental de helicópteros multimotor HEMS pilot, CPL (A, H), FI (A, H), SEP(IR), PBN HEMS pilot and FI (A, H), CPL (A, H) DSA 1/2012 - do současnosti 9 let. Czech Republic EC 135, C 269, ENS 28, Cessna acft pilot Flight Display Director European Festival of Aviation 1/2015 - 7/2015 7 měsíců. Col Czech Air Force.

Erhalten Sie die CPL(H) Modular Lizenz in der Heli-Austria Flight Academy Eine Gesamtflugerfahrung von 155 Stunden ist Voraussetzung für den Beginn dieser Ausbildung. Nach dem erfolgreichen Bestehen der PPL(H) Lizenz kann der Hubschrauberpilot im Rahmen seiner Berechtigung die erforderlichen Sollflugstunden erreichen Inhaber einer gültigen CPL(A)/IR mit ATPL-Theorie und MCC oder einer MPL nach Teil-FCL; Mindestens 1500 Stunden Flugzeit auf Flugzeugen, davon höchstens 100 Stunden in einem Flugsimulator, davon höchstens 25 Stunden in einem FNPT. 500 Stunden im Betrieb mit mehreren Piloten auf Flugzeuge

Licencję Turystyczną PPL(H), ukończoną szkołę średnią ogólnokształcącą lub zawodową, ważne orzeczenie lotniczo - lekarskie Kategorii 1, nalot ogólny 150 godz, zakres wiedzy z matematyki i fizyki pozwalający na opanowanie programu szkolenia do Licencji Pilota Śmigłowcowego Zawodowego CPL(H) A commercial pilot licence (CPL), is a type of pilot licence that permits the holder to act as a pilot of an aircraft and be paid for his/her work. The basic requirements to obtain the license and the privileges it confers are agreed internationally by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). However the actual implementation varies quite widely from country to country The modular training for CPL(H) or ATPL(H)/VFR takes place at our two sites in Halle-Oppin and Bonn Hangelar. The modular training structure enables you to train while you work. If you don't already have it, you must first acquire your PPL(H) private pilot's licence EASA ATPL, CPL, and IR Theory Exam Preparation: 2020 2021. Welcome to EASAExam.com! We have helped pilots from over 100 countries to achieve their aviation dreams

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EASA Helicopter Commercial Pilot CPL Modular Course - Professional Flight Trainin ATPL, CPL, IR MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION DATABASE JAA EASA CQB 15 and ECQB01 - Exam Written Test Preparation JAA EASA QUIZ - ATPL, CPL, airplane, helicopter question bank May 12, 2012: The new 022 ATPL/CPL H module is available (updated with the latest CQB15 questions). May 09, 2012: HOT! 42 CQB15 instrumentation questions (ATPL/CPL A) added

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6-th - IR/ME: 55 hours of practical training including at least 15 hours on MEP; 7-th - CPL(A): 15 hours of practical training including 5 hours on MEP and 10 on SEP. ATPL(A) theoretical course must be accomplished before starting ME/IR and CPL(A) practical training Unlike the CPL or IR rating, there is no time limit between passing them and taking a practical FI course. This may seem considerably less onerous than in the US where you need to have a full CPL licence and IR rating before even starting an FI course, but the scope of the theory required is considerably greater (and frankly a lot less relevant) Annex to ED Decision 2011/016/R SUBPART G — INSTRUMENT RATING — IR 226 AMC1 FCL.625(c) IR — Validity, revalidation and renewal 226 SUBPART H — CLASS AND TYPE RATINGS 227 GM1 FCL.700 Circumstances in which class or type ratings are required 22 The aim of the Competency Based Instrument Rating (CB-IR) course is to teach PPL or CPL licence holders the skills and theory for the Instrument Rating. However this course takes into account your previous instrument flying experience and your previous flight instruction experience. The CB-IR is ICAO compliant and can be used anywhere in the world CPL (H) IR(H) The Company. DHD Heliservice Fleet Locations Certificates Languages. Deutsch English Contact INDUSTRIAL AND PRIVATE HELICOPTER SERVICES. DHD Heliservice offers helicopter services for industrial and private customers.

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There are 13 subjects to pass at EASA level. Each stage is comprised of approximately 3 months of Distance Learning (average study time 15 hours per week), accompanied with web based training For professional flying it is necessary to obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL), in most cases also an instrument rating (IR), multiengine airplanes rating (ME), multi-crew cooperation (MCC) - all of those allows you to apply for the desired job tin the airline companies EASA | European Union Aviation Safety Agenc

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CPL(A) FI(A) IR(A) CRI(ME) CPL(A) - Obchodní pilot (letoun) Cílem modulového kurzu pro získání průkazu CPL (A) je poskytnout držitelům průkazu PPL (A) výcvik, který jim umožní dosáhnout úrovně odborné způsobilosti potřebné pro vydání průkazu CPL (A). S přihlédnutím jakýmkoliv jiným podmínkám, specifikovaným v. Checklist Conversion CPL(H) IR MPH 10.2019 1/2 Checklist EASA Commission Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 art. 8 Issuance of Swiss EASA Part-FCL CPL(H) IR MPH (Conversion of a foreign licence) Requirements for the issuance of a Swiss EASA Part-FCL CPL(H) IR with MPH as COPI issued on the basis of an ICAO-CPL(H) IR with SPH or MPH issued in a non-EAS a PPL(A/H). (iii) A CPL(A)/IR theoretical knowledge course sha ll comprise at least 500 hours of instruction. (CAR -FCL Appendix 3 paragraph C for aeroplanes/paragraph J for helicopters) 4) Theoretical knowledge examinations (TKE) (a) Objective The objective of the TKE is to evaluate the knowledge of the applicant on the subjects. ATPL, CPL, IR MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION DATABASE JAA EASA CQB 15 and ECQB01 - Exam Written Test Preparation JAA EASA QUIZ - ATPL, CPL, airplane, helicopter question bank (ATPL A or CPL A or ATPL H or CPL H). - ECQB (European Central Question Bank) 06. - Intelligent question elimination. - All annex included

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A holder of a current Kenyan CPL(H)IR with BK117C1/C2 type ratings. An EASA CPL(H)IR licence holder with UK and European A109/AW109E/S experience. A former Apache attack helicopter pilot who served on 4 operational tours and conducted complex military exercises both in the UK and abroad whilst in the British Army Modular Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Private Pilot Licence (PPL) ATPL Theory; Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR) Instrument Rating (IR) Multi-Engine Piston (MEP) Renewals & Revalidations; IR/MEP/CPL modules; Time Building; MPL Training Programs. Avion Express MPL Training Program; Helicopter. Modular Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL(H) Private. CPL(H)(IR) 500FH+ TT Type ratings: H269C, S330/269D, B206L Frozen ATPL (H(IR)) Theory EN: After getting my Higher General Secondary Education degree, I directly started a study to become a helicopter pilot. In the end of November 2018 I got my commercial pilot licence (CPL H). During my study I have had several jobs like stock clerk, private. Waypoints Aviation Ltd - New Zealand ATPL theory, BTK & ITC ground courses & Pilot Books. Flight & ground training textbooks for PPL, CPL, IR, BTK, APTL

Hello from Helitech 2018IR(H)ME Instrument Rating Multi Engine :: KN HelicoptersBerufspiloten CPL(H) und Fluglehrer FI(H) – das TeamStützpunkt Stockerau - Aerial Helicopter | AerialGrosser Alpenflugwith departure from Abflugort ab Bern-BelpPPL(H) – CPL(H) Ausbildung Europa – JAA | Mike MathisBerufspilot | HTC | Helicopter Training + Charter
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